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Rioglass Solar enters the Concentrated Solar Power receiver business, strengthening its position as supplier of key CSP components by purchasing Siemens CSP’s receiver technology and assets

18 September 2013

Brussels, Belgium - Rioglass Solar, the leading manu­facturer of mirrors used for Concentrating Solar Power (CSP), has signed an agree­ment with Siemens CSP for the acquisition of the receiver technology and related manufacturing assets.

José M. Villanueva, Chairman and CEO of Rioglass Solar Holding, said “This acquisition provides Rioglass Solar with a unique opportunity to diversify and strengthen its presence in the CSP market with an extensive product offering. It displays once more our commitment to this industry and to our customers, supporting them in meeting the challenges of a renewable energy future”.

The execution of the transaction is subject to the approval of the Antitrust Authority and other governmental entities. Rioglass Solar reinforces its position as a leader in the CSP market with this transaction, now as a supplier of two of the main components of parabolic trough technology, mirrors and receivers, as well as reflectors for CSP Tower, Fresnel and Stirling Dish technologies.

About Rioglass Solar
Founded in 2007, Rioglass Solar is now the largest CSP mirror supplier in the world with cutting edge production facilities in Spain, United States and South Africa. Rioglass Solar has supplied worldwide more than seven million mirrors for concentrated solar power (CSP) and concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) technologies. Rioglass Solar was the first company introducing tempered parabolic mirrors as well as composite heliostat facets to the market. In 2011 Vorndran Mannheims Capital, together with Partners Group, invested into the company to support product diversification and geographic expansion.

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