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QSIL expands by acquisition of Philips’ operation site for fused quartz and special glass in Winschoten (NL)


QSIL GmbH Quarzschmelze Ilmenau, a portfolio company of Vorndran Mannheims Capital (VMCap), has acquired the business unit "Quartz and special glass” from Philips Lighting BV.

QSIL, specialist in the production of fused quartz and – amongst worldwide only a few manufacturers of fused quartz – specialised on the production of round geometries and custom-made products out of fused quartz, announces that it acquires Philips’ fused quartz and special glass operation in Winschoten, Netherlands. The corresponding purchasing agreement has been signed last week and the closing of the transaction is planned in the third quarter of 2016.

Through the announced acquisition QSIL further expands its technology basis and acquires an absolute quality leader in the production of tubes and rods out of fused quartz. Stephan Behr, CEO at QSIL explains: „Now we have the capability to offer all our customers in the lighting industry as well as in semiconductor or chemical industry the whole spectrum of rods and tubes – produced by either using the one step or the two step tubing process, whatever brings the best advantage for the individual customer.”

The future QSIL Group will employ about 300 people and will generate sales of about 65 million euros. By this means QSIL catches up with the big competitors in the market of fused quartz.

About QSIL
QSIL GmbH Quarzschmelze Ilmenau (QSIL) is one of only a few manufacturers of fused quartz in the world and specialised on the production of round geometries and custom-made products out of fused quartz. The range of products extends from fused quartz hollow cylinders, tubes, rods and profiles to process reactors with large diameters and products processed via glass-blowing. Because of its unique plasma fusion process, QSIL is the only company with the capability to manufacture hollow cylinders (billets) using a single production step.

In addition to the main market of semiconductor industry, the most relevant markets for QSIL products are the lighting industry, the chemical industry in the sector of chemical analysis, high temperature applications and the polysilicon production for the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry. QSIL's customer basis is globally diversified. Multinational enterprises based in Europe, Asia and the United States of America are among QSIL’s customers.

QSIL as an independent company was founded in 1992, but commenced its industrial production of fused quartz as part of Ilmenauer Glaswerke GmbH already in 1977. QSIL has located its head office and production site in Langewiesen, Germany, and runs a sales office in Fremont (CA), United States of America. In the fiscal year 2016, QSIL will generate sales of about 27 million euros with about 160 employees.

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